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Going back in time                  


It is difficult to say exactly when the Ferdinand(o) family arrived in the UK.  The records show them "just appearing" at the end of the 17th Century when we come across Isaac, the Blacksmith, who was recorded as becoming an Apprentice to George Gilbert in 1693.  His Father, also Isaac (a Merchant), had been dead for about 10 years and so we can safely assume that the name Ferdinando was in evidence in London from about 1670 or so.  

Isaac was Apprenticed on the 3rd November 1693.  He signed his indentures, with his mark, and began training.  In 1701/2 Isaac Married Mary Humphries at Saint Giles Cripplegate (the Church exists, rebuilt after WW II bombing and now surrounded by the Barbican development).  He had his own Apprentice, Aaron Walker (bond 1704), and was granted the freedom of the Blacksmith Company on the 3rd April.1701 (and of The City of London).

The family tree shows a number of descendants from Isaac, keeping possible Sephardic names through the first two or three generations.  Gradually  the forenames take on more familiar patterns following Royal & fashionable names.

With some 2000 names now identified and shown on the tree, many descendants are still here in the UK and recent migrations have taken us to the USA, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Holland and Spain.  

Many of our ancestors lived in and around the East End of London, famed for its poverty and high attrition rate amongst its population.  Infant and Adult mortality were high and the Workhouse was often the final stop in their lives.  Many of the family were involved in the weaving trades (Velvet & Silk being recorded).  Details about the weaving trade in London can be found by following the Occupations link above.   There are a number of good books available about London's East End and the conditions of the people who lived there.  There are also some links in the "links" page taking you to some on-line information.

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Remainder of this Section

The rest of this section of the site includes:


Scans of some certificates held


An area to remember members of our family


A look at the churches our ancestors were christened, baptised, married or buried in

Can you Help

Areas where we are stuck

Time Line

An historical review of the years with some context to the family.  This area has been speeded up through breaking the indexed dates into smaller, faster pages.  There is also a further page looking at ancestor's Birthdays.

World Locations

 Flags of those nations we know there are descendants in or from (This page downloads slowly).  Also the Provincial page (States and Countries within Countries)

Origins - The Portuguese Connection

The case for a possible Portuguese connection


 What did our ancestors do?  With some details on certain occupations

Abbey Street Sunday Schools

An indexed resource of this book looking at the History of the Abbey Street Sunday Schools in Bethnal Green.  This page downloads slowly due to indexing.

Family Traits Artists and Musicians abound - can you provide any details from your family history?
Simon Ferdinando Could this man be our ancestor - read on and find out
So Just How Do You Spell It How on earth do you spell Ferdinando without making any mistooks!


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