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There are TWO Family Trees available now.  The first shows descendants of Isaac Ferdinando (~1679) and contains all of those families who are linked in.  The second family tree shows all of the Ferdinand, Ferdinando, Ferdy (and other variant names) in a slightly different format.  In here I have had to change the format of the tree so that family groups are shown linked but I cannot make this like a Descendants report as many of the names are unconnected.  This requires some detective work by you to trace where you might be on the tree.  Again Living individuals are NOT shown but you can look for any dead relatives and work out from there were you may be.  There appear to be a few duplicate entries in here - I have no idea how that has happened so bear with it, it is my first go at getting all of the data up onto the web site so it may take a while to "iron out" the bugs I have 

The Family Tree is now available with 2515 individual entries included.  Please note that for privacy reasons this area contains no living individuals or potential living individuals.   Some individuals are shown as living even though they have died.  This is shown because no death date has been entered into the software that generated this information and a default of 100 years is included.  As dates are known and entered these names will appear.  For the moment it is better to err on the side of caution.

The second Tree now holds unconnected individuals (yes - I finally learnt how to go about that!!).  Because they are "unconnected" you will need to enter from the surname finder and work your way through that way.  There are a number of these trees available now and entries can be as few as just one person!  I hope to have entered all items from the family history weekend and some individuals that I have found recently as well.  If you have any information that links these into the main tree, please let me know.  In some cases there are large trees with modern day descendants that are most probably related we just haven't got that last piece of data that links them in so good luck.

The Surname reference gives modern "living" names but when you click on them the word living appears.  Please contact the webmaster if you are one of these people (and you are interested) so we can add to your data and tie in the information we have.

Researchers with a legitimate request for information may request a full copy GEDCOM from the Webmaster. This information may not be used for any commercial purposes whatsoever.  If in doubt, contact the Webmaster.  Versions are also available in PAF, Excel and Lotus 123 formats.

There are many more individuals not on this tree.  As more information becomes available we hope to make that available.  If you think you have a connection but it is not shown here, please contact the Webmaster using the link below so that we can check it out for you.  If you can help out or add more information please contact the Webmaster.  Some of the "missing" relatives appear on the Can You Help? Page and in the member's area.

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Links back to the early 17th Century have not been included as they have not been positively proven. Reference is made elsewhere in this site about "potential" ancestors.

Dorothy Rose Owers was married as Rose St. Pier.  The Tree does not show this information, although the notes section should.  Another peculiarity of the software I am afraid.  This may also occur where names have been changed.  The software likes to keep original names no matter what I do!

As further information becomes available the tree will be updated.  Please check back regularly.

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Also apologies are in order for a few slight typos in the tree.  These will be fixed as and when I find them.  Also some church names are incorrectly entered (i.e. Saint Leonard, St. Leonard's, St. Leonards all refer to the same church in Shoreditch!).   Others may also show this slight variance.  

There are some anomalies in chronological events, especially younger children appearing before their older siblings.  I have tried to correct this but it must be something to do with the way the software handles the GEDCOM files and so, I am afraid, I cannot  easily cure this.  It also has something to do with who is chosen as the preferred partner in the software where there are multiple marriages and children of those marriages.  Obviously software can have a "bad day" too!  The software will default to a christening or baptism date as date of birth if no other entry is made.  This can account for the odd curious date and the apparent fertility of the family, perhaps having a child a few months after the last one!  Finally, a few "bugs" must have crept in that I cannot solve easily.  Unknown extra partners for one and a couple of double names.  I have tried to edit these on the following family tree going through name by name but may have missed some.  If you can see anything that is wrong please drop me a line so I can change the data.

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Family Tree

This Tree is version websitev6 - December 2002

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 Please note that a copy of the Tree has been placed at Rootsweb to attract potential researchers to this site.

David Ferdinando 2002.


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