Simon Ferdinando

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Simon Ferdinando plays a part of our family folklore but just how likely is it that This Simon Ferdinando could be related or perhaps the founder of the UK Ferdinando dynasty?

I have reproduced the known articles about Simon that members of the family have provided for me.  Amongst these are the voyage up the Orinoco River (Red Crosse River) and the discovery and colonisation of Roanoke Island (there are two articles). Roanoke 1, Roanoke 2.

Perhaps I imagined it or remember it differently but I was under the impression that Simon was a local or a native of the Americas as opposed to being English or perhaps European continental.

So what do you think?  Have you got anymore information that I can add here or do you know something that may throw some light on where the family folklore came from?  Please let me know.  In the meantime, enjoy the articles and, of course, the speculation. 

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