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Can you help find where they fit?


This area houses those "difficult" Ferdinand(o) ancestors that just don't seem to fit in at all.  Can you help?  Please let the Webmaster know.     Mail5.gif (10880 bytes)

The Cater Connection

The Cater Connection shows a number of photographs of unknown relatives we believe of the Cater line but there may be some Ferdinando's in here too.  Can you help?   Click here to go to the Cater Connection

Name Description Relationship Query

Joseph Ferdinando

Married to Martha and had the following (11) children


Do you know where Joseph and Martha fit into the tree?  


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Name Description Relationship Query

George John Ferdinando

Married 1 Aug 1716 at Saint Benet, Paul Wharf

Marriage to Elizabeth Dale

Any ideas on who this might be and where he fits the tree.  Saint Benet is very near Saint Peter, Paul Wharf.

George Ferdinando

Bapt. 27 May 1722 at Saint Dunstan, Stepney

Son of George and Eliz.

Could he be a son of George and Elizabeth Dale?

Frederick Ferdinande

Bapt.   1 Feb 1727 at Saint Andrew - Holborn

Son of George & Elizabeth Ferdinande

Could he also be a son of George & Elizabeth Dale?

Sarah Ferdinando

Bapt. 23 Jun 1719 Saint Dunstan Stepney

Daughter of George & Elizabeth

Could she be the Daughter of George and Elizabeth Dale?

Thomas Ferdinando

Bapt. 6 Jan 1716?  Saint Giles Cripplegate

Son of George & Elizabeth

Also see next entry which could be a mis-transcription

Tho. Ferdinando

Bapt. 5 Sep 1721 Saint Giles Cripplegate

Son of George & Elizabeth

Together with the one above, any ideas?

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Name Description Relationship Query

James William Ferdinando

born circa 1812-13 in Spitalfields or Stepney

Married Mary Ann Bowen 1 May 1836 at Saint Leonard Shoreditch

We have no details at all about James William.  We think that he must be the son of William and Margaret Bell.  Do you have any evidence for us on this one?


Isaake Ferdomand

Bapt. 12 Sep 1641 Saint Botolph

Son of Edward Ferdomand and Mary

What do you know about this Isaake.  he is alleged to be the father of Isaac the Blacksmith but what records or proof is there for this assertion.  Do you know?  Let the Webmaster know.


Robert and Mary Ann Ferdinand

Bapt. 4 Dec 1774 Saint Botolph without Aldgate

Son and Daughter of George and Elizabeth Ferdinand

It can't be George and Elizabeth (nee Dale) above but who are they?

Abraham Fardinando Bapt. 10 Nov 1696 Putney Son of Joseph and Ann Any ideas?


Workhouses - Any?

Relatives who were born, lived in or died in the workhouse

All of the family

Did any of your family live in the workhouse or union or were they born there or die there?  LMA have many records of the workhouse many of which we have not explored.  Let us know what workhouse and any dates so we can search these out in the LMA.

Family Crest Coat of Arms?

Family crest.

All of the family

Is this a Ferdinando Coat of Arms?  It purports to be so?  Can you add any information or add anything to it.  Any idea what would be the family Moto? I fancy the moto "Often Spelt Wrongly" Answers on an e-mail to the Webmaster

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