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A special thank you to the family members and researchers who have so kindly contributed to this section.

NOTE:  These pages may take a while to download as they contain a number of images  

These photographs are the property of the contributors and cannot be re-produced without their express permission.  Please contact the webmaster for permission.


The Gallery contains pictures of our ancestors and can be expanded by clicking on the thumbnail views.  Pictures will open up in a new window allowing you to continue to browse whilst awaiting them to download.  If you have a picture of a relative, please contact the webmaster so that it can be included.  The Gallery has been broken into a number of areas to try and keep the size of pages as small as possible.  

The areas are:



Ferdinando including The Contents of the Box a collection of bibles, photographs and miscellanies


Alois Vasatko 

Wedding  Photos



Copyright & Notes

David Ferdinando - These images are copyright as noted herein or on the individual thumbnails or notes.   If you would like to use any of them, please contact the Webmaster for permission.   I would like to thank the City of Kingston, Melbourne, Australia for their permission to use the photographs of Benjamin James Ferdinando.  Please visit their web site.

NOTE:  These photographs are optimised for the web and have been compressed as much as possible to allow them to download promptly.  The originals are larger and researchers requiring copies can contact me for full copies.  Click here to mail me your request.

This area is growing and I would very much like to continue to receive your photographs to add to those here so do please keep them coming!


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