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FAQs or Frequently asked questions will attempt to answer some of your questions.  If you think of any more questions drop the webmaster a line and I will try and answer these and add them to this page when time permits.

Q. I found your site through a Search engine, entering my own name but I cannot find myself on the family tree?

A.  I have arranged that names are visible to search engines but not to people browsing the site.  Please see the question about having living people on the main web site.  If you can see your surname on the Family Tree Surnames page you can click on a link and this will take you to your surname and the words "living" adjacent to it.  You can click on your name and start clicking upwards and see if you recognise the names of your ancestors.  If you do see these names then it is a good idea to drop a line to the webmaster and we can release the information we have.  Please go to the Contact Us page to do this

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Q. Why can't I find my name on this site?

A. There are one or two reasons behind this.  Obviously you are Living and I only have a few "Living" names placed on this web site as search engine assisters for known relatives who may be searching their own roots and whom I have not already contacted.  We may not have you recorded as a relative as we do not have everyone recorded (much as we try there is only so much present day records and "word of mouth" will tell us).  You may be recorded but be in the members area of the site where living individuals are recorded.  Your best course of action is to contact the webmaster and start off the discussions so that we can add your details and explain what is going on and why we do not have you on our site.  Please go to the Contact Us page to do this

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Q. How accurate is the information recorded on this site?

A.  Good question!  It is as accurate as we can make it given the state of the records and information we have.  Where assumptions have been made, these are shown.  Historical items and dates, I have tried to be as accurate as possible.  Birth, marriage and Death dates are generally taken from records and (subject to my human failings typos etc) are pretty accurate.  Often, where a birth date is not known you may find that a Baptism date is given as a birth date (I think that is something to do with a default mechanism in the software I use).  If you have more accurate information go to the contact page and let the Webmaster know.

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Q. You haven't got one of my ancestors on here/listed properly

A.  This can easily happen as records we have are of various quality and from various sources.  There have been cases where we have names recorded from birth certificates where that relative was never known by that name.  We have also had a number of instances where the records suggest more children than there are or we have been unable to verify the existence of someone.  The tree on this site is evolutionary in nature and it is published with known (or assumed where noted) individuals on it.  Odd typos often creep in and sometimes, the way the pages are constructed.  It also often happens that a name provided to us may be a nickname or family name of, the most obvious would be three of my relatives, one known as "Will" another "Queenie" the other "Ivy", they are in fact William Arthur, Lottie Irene and Phoebe! The best thing to do now is to contact the webmaster with the details you have and we can put these things right. Please go to the Contact Us page to do this

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Q. Why don't you have names of the living on here?

A. Please see the Link on the home page about why this is.  There are some living individuals mentioned for assistance with getting in touch but we took a conscious decision not to publish names of the living at the moment unless there was a consensus to do so.  The major problem would be administration of who wanted to appear or not and how to get in touch with a number of people who appear on the tree to do this.  I would welcome any comments on this approach though.

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Q. How do I become a member of this web site?

A. Firstly, we need to know why you want access to the members area.  The area contains the full tree produced by Dr. Peter Ferdinando as custodian of the Guild of One Name Studies.  This information also contains all known living individuals and to protect them and that data, we need to be assured what you are using the data for and that somewhere you are related to the names that are published there.  Please go to the Contact Us page to do this

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Q. How do I conduct family research myself?

A. I could write a whole web site about this but it is probably best to point you to the Links page and to suggest you look at Genuki and the Society of Genealogists pages to get a feel for how to do this.  There are many good books and web sites to assist.  The main thing is to be as accurate as possible with records, record everything and keep it safe.  Do not assume something and make sure you always see the original records before coming to any conclusions about who you are related to.

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Q. I have a complaint about this site, what should I do?

A. In the first instance write to the webmaster to voice your concern and please provide as much data as you can.  The webmaster will respond and outline what will be done about your complaint.  Please go to the Contact Us page to do this

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Q. I would like to add an article/picture, how do I go about this?

A. We welcome relevant contributions to this web site and photos, articles and historical information (and corrections) are always welcome.  Please contact the webmaster in the first instance.  Please go to the Contact Us page to do this

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Q.  I gave you an update on my family tree with updated date/name information but I do not see that information here?

A.  I try my best to keep this site up to date but it is a big site and takes many days to adjust and almost a whole day to upload.  I also run this site as a sideline or hobby, not a business so I am afraid it will take me time to upgrade.  I often try and make one major upload per year.  The family tree pages on the main site (of which there are 44 pages and the members tree - another 175 plus) take some while to check and upload too so it is not that I haven't got the information or that the database (which resides on my home PC) is not up to date, just that I haven't got around to uploading the latest information.  I will have to ask you to bear with me as I cannot regularly update the site as much as I would like.  In the future it should be possible to have a database driven web site where changes can be made on a regular basis.  At present this is just out of my reach technically although I am learning how that can be achieved.  If in any doubt about the data presented on the web site, please contact the webmaster.  Please go to the Contact Us page to do this

Do you have any other questions?  Drop the Webmaster a line to see if we can help.

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