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December 2002 - Major work on family tree undertaken.  Disconnected families entered into database.  New articles and photographs added. New Contact Section added.  Acknowledgements updated, links updated and re-checked.  Modifications to members only area made.   Minor structural change to navigation made.  Simon Ferdinando data added.  Review of articles section.  Changed internal web site structure (admin only change).  Note if you have bookmarked individual pages - these may no longer work due to admin clean up - you will need to navigate to the pages and re bookmark.  General clean up of pages and added graphics to navigation header.  

July 2002 - Version 6 of the web site commenced.  

December 2001 - Final last minute pre upgrade tinkering completed.  Shuffled some areas to fall into more logical headings.  A number of items moved from the family history section to the family resources section and vice versa.  

1st December 2001 - Version 5 of the web site launched.

November 2001 - Received permissions to link to and use many more Church Photographs.  Please follow the links when you have time to support these sites who have given their consent for us to use their images.  Added Photographs of Fundão and Antonio and Maria's graves (thanks to John and Sue Ferdinando).  Gallery extra photographs added.  Map of Portugal highlighting Fundão added.  A little more work done on 17th Century London.  Navigation changed to use text rather than active buttons.  Spacing changes to text and fonts standardised. Added details of Joseph Ferdinando Carvajal, Sephardic Naming Patterns and tidied up site into more manageable chunks.  Added areas about Carvajal & Pepys and Samuel Pepys biographical information.  Details from the Burial Register of the Spanish and Portuguese Community.  Some notes around the Petition to Oliver Cromwell.  Additional Articles about Irene Keeys and The Great Amos added.  War Memorial area updated.  Nations Flags updated.  Apprentice article re-attached! (how did I manage to make it unattached on the last upgrade?) Plus Gallery area for the apprentice article with added notes about the blacksmith's trade.  A Child of the Jago article added a Gallery area which assists loading times.  Old Photographs area updated with more detail and a bit of history.  Artefacts, extra artefacts added.  Added details about weaving trade and Joseph Jacquard.  Added Canary Islands Map and a few details.  Extra details added about occupations including, Printing, Leather, Book Binding and Cotton Trades.  Added details about Huguenots, Spanish Armada and Boer War in support of other articles.  Started Jack the Ripper page.  Added biographical details for Oliver Cromwell and Menasseh ben Israel.  Added biographical information on Eli Whitney.  Added photographs of the Discovery weekend to Oxford 2001 report.  Cleaned all non working links off of site.  Added The Contents of the Box Images from a box of photographs and miscellanies left to my Brother by our Great Uncle Arthur.  

October 2001 - A series of updates to the site including an Acknowledgement Page, Members Area, Descendants Photographs, Site Overview.  Tree now with circa 1995 individuals (public tree) and circa 2200 in the members area.  Updated FH Resources area.  Gallery expanded and indexed also Churches indexed (both to keep download times more reasonable).  Abbey Street Sunday Schools area added with searchable database and full scans of pages relating.  Discovery Weekend Report (Oxford 2001) included and more Occupations added with an area about Piano Manufacturers.    Added a brief biography of Antonio Ferdinando Carvajal.  Added more details to Portuguese AncestryBMD area started.  Birthday/Anniversary area completely updated

16th July 2001 - Time line completed with historical facts.  Tree checked and constructed using PAF version 5.  Additional Photographs added to London and 17th Century areas plus a new 17th Century London area.  Wills and Inscriptions added for Antonio Fernandes Carvajal.  Removed certain buttons for easier navigation.  Updated holdings in FH Resources area

18th June 2001 - 1500 hits, Removed Feedback Form.  Section started on Antonio Fernandes Carvajal and a page added about Marion Ferdinando (wife of Benjamin James).  1084 individuals on tree.  Awaiting ISP host company to provide FrontPage extensions for new areas of the site to be tested (Feedback form, Secure/Members area).  Additions to Stanley Percy page. Added a few photographs of the Webmaster on the site.  Added a new photograph of Rose Ower (St. Pier) and Ferdinando family and my thanks to Joyce Ferdinando for making it available.  Added a couple of artefacts to the Gallery.  Please send any you may have for inclusion.

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11th June 2001 - A general tidy up of the site, 1057 individuals now on the Tree.  

7th May 2001 - A general tidy up of the site and nested the pages to keep navigation down to a minimum.  Sitemap built. 

25th April 2001 - Major changes to overall web layout so that sections now fall under more logical headings (I think).  If you have cached any of this site please re-do this as pages may not be where you expect them.  I have not changed the names of the pages so any short cuts you may have made directly to pages "should" still be there.  Areas changed, for instance, Maps and Churches now fall under FH Resources section.  Alois Gallery is now part of the main gallery.   The site index will allow you to see all changes and connect straight to the page of your choice.  Home page changed and re-formatted, this should allow for a faster download.

24th April 2001 - Navigation changes to site with top and bottom page navigation.  Java applets & scripts added for Calendar and Birthday calculator.  A Relationships calculator to assist in working out who is my 4th cousin twice removed?

20th April 2001 - The visitors to the site topped1000 today.

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13th April 2001 - 992 Individuals on the new tree and more being added all the time.  New photographs received, thank you, and placed onto the new gallery.   A few surprises added.  Article on Stanley Percy commenced.

4th March 2001 - New style added and background graphics removed for faster download.   some font changes made and Sephardic page cleaned and completed.  Spelling checks undertaken across the site.  Discovery Weekend Information added.  Changes to navigation made.  Trial Table of Contents added.  Articles updated and thanks to Dr. Peter Ferdinando for kind permission to reproduce his article "Child of a Child of the Jago".

10th February 2001 - Discovery Weekend information added.  Alois Vasatko Stamps added under Alois Gallery.  Minor changes made to wording across the site.   All images moved to image folder.  Tree changed in light of new information.

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3rd February 2001 - Started Sephardic Page.  Started Weaving Page.   New Links added.  Hyperlinks should now open in a new window (if I have managed to check them all).  Commonwealth War Graves new hyperlink added.  New Article added recalling a trip from the UK to Canada in the 1800s.  New churches added thanks to Dwellings of the poor site. 

26th January 2001- Time Line Project Started - a look at historical events in relation to the Ferdinand(o) family.  Love to hear if you have any ideas.  ICRA accreditation for site content registered.  Anniversary and Birthday Calendar started to list dates that our ancestors birthdays and marriages took place for quick comparison against your own.  Commenced Dating Old Photographs section.  Added some further timeline information.  Updated Gedcom.  Some new graphics included.  Site loaded up and e-mail notification sent.

21st January 2001 - additions to FH Resources.  Addition of flags for further countries - Canada, Czechoslovakia & Italy.  Additional articles added for Benjamin James and Alois Vasatko, amendments made to Benjamin James article 1 (new copy arrived without missing words) now added into body of article.  Tree updated.  GLRO references changed to LMA (London Metropolitan Archives).  Additional information on names, middle names and two new branches added to Joseph and Phoebe line.  Some alterations to pages and under construction graphics removed.  Picture of  B. J. Ferdinando Gardens kindly arranged through Mavis Hunter.  Can you Help section, request about Workhouse history.  London Resources Change to be included in Links section.   London Resources becomes the Memorial area with areas for a series of differing memorial information. 

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14th January 2001 - Addition of this page.  Cater Connection Page.  New Family Tree added with latest information provided (810 from 730 individuals) - Thank you for the information.  New flags for Belgium, France, Eire and Scotland.  A feedback form is being trialed on the site (PHP script), Let me know what you think and trial it out.  Internet Articles 1 to 5 added.  More FH Resources added.   Spooky links added.  Personal Pages included.  Let me have more if you know of any. 

13th January 2001 - Changed search engine to remove hidden files with potential living names shown.  If you should find any searches bringing up names that should not be there, please tell the webmaster.

6th January 2001 - Slight changes to assist download speeds (information moved from home page).  Search Engine provided by Atomz.

5th January 2001 - Web site launched - Gallery, faster pictures, latest GEDCOM added, Numerous extra pages and Churches and Maps section.

November and December 2000 - Various trials of family tree software, gallery trials and basic page layout.


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