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This is a not for profit site and the information it contains is for use by researchers into the Ferdy, Ferdinand and Ferdinando surnames and those with an interest  in genealogy and family history.  Images used on this site have, wherever possible, been acknowledged.  In certain instances, images have come in to the possession of the webmaster which have been used to enhance the user experience on this site that have not been, or cannot easily be verified on ownership and copyright.  Should an image be found to be copyright or being used without due acknowledgement to its owner etc, please contact the webmaster so that this can be rectified.  All reasonable precautions have been taken to ensure that source material has been verified.

Family Members

So much of this work could not have been undertaken without the help of all of my cousins and fellow researchers.  My grateful thanks to you all for providing copies of your heirlooms, photographs and articles.  However, don't be complacent, I am always on the "look out" for more so we can make this a central site for our research.


Web Sites

The following source material has been used on this site:

Details from the Commonwealth War Graves Commission

Details from the International Genealogical Index from Family Search

Jewishgen Web site


Pictures and Images

Pictures from:

Essex Churches

Dwellings of the Poor

Various Family Contributors

Phil Degen - Many Church Photographs

Jan Collie - Author of Hidden London

Individual web sites as noted within the site especially in the Churches section where acknowledgement and links are maintained to their owners sites.

A Children's History of London - Nicholas Whines - A BBC book.

Robert Bowater - Details and Photographs of Roy Frederick Ferdinand

Allied Assortment for information and picture of John Durnford-Slater



Extracts from Articles:

Various JHSE Transactions and Miscellanies as noted

Various Books and Articles as noted

Newspaper articles as noted

Web sites as listed

Comptons Encyclopaedia

The Great Amos article from Laddie Lucas's Book "Thanks for the Memory"

"Fighters Over The Channel" by Jiri Rajlich and jiri Sehnal

"Broken Wings" by Eduard Cejka

Specific family related items all courtesy of their respective owners and acknowledged with the item



I would like to dedicate this site to all of my relatives both near and far for their many kindnesses over the years, their unstinting support and their selfless sharing of their research and resources, without them, how little we would know about our family and its origins.  To all of our ancestors without whom, we would not be here! To my VERY understanding wife and my Children who never forget to prize me away from the keyboard to feed and water me, drag me out squinting into the daylight and look after their obsessed "old man".

Finally to my Mother and Father,  without them and their encouragement and support, this site would not exist!

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