Family Traits

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Family traits?  Yes, I keep finding things as I review the tree that may of interest.  The one that has "caught my imagination" at the moment is the number of artists and musicians we have in the family.


I play a number of musical instruments as do both of my children.  Varying from the Piano, Trumpet, Clarinet, Flute and Guitar.  Both my Brother and my Father also play musical instruments and they are both very good artists (I could be good but I don't practice enough apparently!!).  We have Piano tuners and teachers of music in the family tree and in speaking to some of my near relatives, they are musical too.


Again, my Brother and Father are very good as is one of my daughters.  I am often complimented on my ability to "knock out" a quick sketch at work.  Two of my Great Uncles were artists in watercolours and some paintings exist in the family which I will try and get on to the web site during a future upgrade.  Peter tells me that one a couple of our relatives are excellent artists and so I thought I would start off this page on the web site to explore these two traits further.

Next Steps

Well, you know the score by now don't you?  Please drop me any details you have or any information so I can publish it here and show what a talented bunch we are.

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