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Who is the Webmaster?

After some hesitation on my part but much badgering by my fellow researchers here is a brief resume about me, the Webmaster.

David Ferdinando is an IT Project Manager,  Cost Consultant and part time amateur genealogist.  Married with two young children, I enjoy music, computers and watching sport although I am not a great lover of our national game, I don't mind watching cricket (especially as the beer tent is often open all day) and love any kind of motor sports.

This web site is the culmination of an idea I have harboured for many years after finding out that most of my family history was burnt when one of my relatives died.  Pictures and photographs, paperwork and a family tree that my Grandfather had worked on most of his life went up in flames and many items were just thrown out with the rubbish!  In an effort to ensure this never happens again, this site was published and copies of all the material are held and archived on CD for future generations of Ferdy, Ferdinand and Ferdinando descendants to use.   

I am interested in all things historical especially London from the 17th Century onwards and genealogy itself (I feel) is not complete unless you understand how our ancestors lived rather than just having names on a tree.  This site is an evolutionary one, built as much to record and honour our ancestors as to provide whatever background I can find out about them, their surroundings and environment and their personal achievements.  It is a journey through the ages and as and when I find out a bit more about a member of the family, I add any extra research I find to make the story that little bit more interesting.  Occasionally it may appear a bit scrappy and so I rely on you, the readers to suggest what I should be doing to improve matters, your suggestions are most welcome.

In the short space of time I have been undertaking my research I have had so much support and assistance from my cousins around the world.  I am now lucky enough to have been in touch with all of my 2nd cousins and many of my 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th cousins too!  That is a powerful motivator when you only had a very small family until recently.  This site is dedicated to all of those whose research over the years has led to and added to the body of work demonstrated on this site.  This is by no means all of it and as each piece turns up so we add to the rich history of our ancestors.  I hasten to add that this is not all my own work and with out the generous help and selfless sharing of the information by many keen and dedicated researchers, this site could not exist.

In addition, there are a number of researchers who have no connection with the family whatsoever but whose contributions have dramatically opened up new information and their contribution should also be acknowledged.  They don't have to tell us what they have found but it really does help when you find someone who "out of the blue" drops you a line and lets you know what they found and where they found it.  

For some obscure reason best known to you, you want pictures of the webmaster up here.  You have been warned this next section is scary!! Click on this link to see the horror gallery.

What else can I tell you?  I have the family sense of humour!  I enjoy cooking and play and enjoy listening to music.  Computers are a necessity of my business as well as a home hobby.  I could do with winning the Lottery so that I could invest more time into research but I understand that to win you actually need to buy a ticket and I'm too tight to do that! 

Finally, I enjoy boring everyone to death about my family history and what it means to me.  Fanatical, well almost, where on earth did I get a name like that from?  As my father often tells me "From me of course"  Dad's are always right aren't they?

Please enjoy this site and all that is on here.  I enjoy being the webmaster, it is a site that is meant to become a hub of our research and if it assists just one person to find their roots and "return to the family" then it has been worth it.  The rewards to date have been fantastic and more and more people are connecting to us every year.

Thanks for all your support.



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