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The Humble Petition to Oliver Cromwell is reproduced below (click on image to enlarge).  Antonio's signature appears as Abraham Israel Carvajal and is the third signature after the main text. The full text is reproduced below.

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Text of Petition

[S. P. Dom. Commonwealth cxxv., 58]

To His Highnesse OLiver Lord Protector of the Commonwealth of England, Scotland and Ireland & the Dominions thereof.

The Humble Petition of The Hebrews at Present Reziding in this citty of London whose names ar vnderwritten

Humbly sheweth

That acknolledging the manyfold favours and Protection yor Highnesse hath bin pleased to graunt vs in order that wee may with security meete priuatley in owr particular houses to our Deuosions, And being desirous to be fauoured more by yoHignesse wee pray with all Humblenesse Yt  by the best meanes which may be such Protection may be graunted vs in Writting as that wee may therenth meete at owr said priuate deuosions in owr Particular houses without feere of Molestation either to owr persons famillys or estates, owr desires Being to Liue Peaceably vnder yor Highnes.  Gouernement, and being wee ar all mortall wee alsoe Humbly pray yor Highnesse to graunt vs License that those which may dey of owr nation may be buryed in such place out of the cittye as wee shall thinke conuenient with the Proprietors Leaue in whose Land this place shall be, and soe wee shall as well in owr Lifetyme, as at owr death be highly fauoured by yor Highnesse for whose Long Lyfe and Prosperitty wee shall continually pray To the allmighty God &c.

Menasseh Ben Israel

Dauid ABrabanel

Abraham Israel Caruajal

Abraham Coen Gonzales

Jahacob de Caceres

Abraham Israel de Britto

Isak Lopes Chillon

Oliuer P.

Wee doe referr this Peticon

    to the consideracacon of e Councill

March ye 24th



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