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These resources are genealogy specific.

Resource Description Held by
The Dictionary of Genealogy By Terrick V H FitzHugh - Book David Ferdinando
Cockney Ancestor (Various copies) The Journal of the East of London Family History Society David & Dr. Peter Ferdinando.  Mavis Hunter (Ferdinando)
A Directory of London Photographers 1841-1908 Book by Michael Pritchard David Ferdinando
Reading Old Handwriting Book by Eve McLaughlin David Ferdinando
Dating Old Photographs Book by Robert Pols David Ferdinando
Looking at Old Photographs Book by Robert Pols David Ferdinando
My Ancestor was a Freemason Book by Pat Lewis David Ferdinando
The Records of the Royal Air Force - How to find the few Eunice Wilson David Ferdinando
Air Force Records for Family Historians William Spencer - A PRO Readers' Guide David Ferdinando


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