The Contents of the Box

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My Brother was left this box and its contents by our Great Uncle Arthur.  This section of the site shows some of the items he found in it.  Like David Waters, we now have a problem in identifying who these people are.  Let me know if you have any thoughts or any of them look familiar?  Arthur was born in Greenwich and died in Hastings in 1980.  We think he may have married early but we don't really know and have no paper work backing that up.

Caution:  The Following Pages contain many images and so will take a while to download...

Identified Photographs (Thanks Margaret)

Unidentified Photographs

Miscellaneous Items in the Box

The Box and some of its contents

A Selection of Postcards and Birthday Greetings in the box

A newspaper diagram showing V1 hits in Sussex during WW II

Arthur lived in Hastings.  This the front cover of a leaflet about WW II


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