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This area lists the Birth, Marriage and Death Certificates already held by family members.  Please contact the webmaster for details contained on the certificates.  Hopefully, this will assist us in our searches as we build up a record of those certificates held so that we do not spend vast sums duplicating information.  Research members are able to go to the Members group and interrogate the on-line database and to upload and download data from there.  For membership of the group, please contact the webmaster.


Name B/M/D - Baptism, Christening etc Details Held by
Herbert Victor Ferdinando Death   David J Ferdinando
Annie Josephine Ferdinando (May) Dann Death   David J Ferdinando
Charlotte Maria Ferdinando nee Challand Death   David J Ferdinando
David John Ferdinando Birth   David J Ferdinando
David John Ferdinando Baptism   David J Ferdinando
David John Ferdinando and Carole May Barbara Robins Marriage   David J Ferdinando
Joseph Young Ferdinando to Charlotte Maria Challand Marriage St Paul, Deptford, 1898 David J Ferdinando


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