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Until we can prove (or disprove) our ancestry, this area will serve to communicate what or rather who are the Sephardim, where did they come from and how they came to end up in the UK (amongst many other places).  To do this I will rely heavily on outside links for the present and three particularly good web sites that have assisted me in my research and understanding.  

The first is Harry Stein whose site can be found by clicking on the graphic below.   As a cautionary note, let me tell you that there is some opening music in the site so be ready for that.  I first found the site whilst working in my office and suddenly this tune burst out of my PC and woke up half of my colleagues in the process.   However, the site is a gold mine of information and has many interesting links and articles.  You will see the name Carvajal mentioned in here and Antonio Fernandes Carvajal is Ferdinando the Merchant from whom we allege we may be descended.  Pay particular attention to why the Sephardim ended up being expelled from the own country as it is a story and a fate that continues to this day.   Enjoy your visit to Harry's site.

Click here to go to Harry's Site

The second site is, like the first, the work of another dedicated individual called Jeff Malka in his "Resources for Sephardic Genealogy".  Again Jeff has collected names of the Sephardic Jews escaping the Inquisition and put these on to his site.

The third site and a word about Jewishgen that I have found to be invaluable having joined their special interest group (SIG) for Sephardic Genealogy.  There are some extremely knowledgeable people on this forum and my thanks to their efforts and patience with me over the year or so that I have been a member.

The fourth site looks at  Sephardic Studies and Culture.

The fifth has some good articles.

There are a number of other resources available and as this area of the site is being built, more resources will be added.

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