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Ferdinand(o) Pianoforte Manufacturers

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Arthur Ferdinando - Piano Maker

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Piano Makers

Above are pictures of Pianos manufactured by Arthur Ferdinando (1860-1925).  Arthur was a son of Joseph Young and Eliza Davis.  There were two Pianos in the family until a lady who saw this web site contacted me and now there are three as I am now the proud owner of one (No. 2) above. The other pictures are from (1) Malcolm and Judith Woricker  the other Piano is owned by (3) Ronald & Olive Ferdinando and my grateful thanks to them for making this available to us.  John Ferdinando also pointed out that we have another Pianoforte manufacturer & tuner in George Ebernezer Ferdinand so perhaps there is a Ferdinand Piano also out there somewhere?

I have put together all of the photographs of the Ferdinando Pianos here and in the Artefacts Gallery, follow this link to go there.

Arthur also sold musical boxes and I understand that one of these exists as well. 

George Ebernezer is a son of John Ferdinand and Rachel Lepine and was born on the 11th April 1818.  This would make him the earliest manufacturer in the family unless, again, you know different?  

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Perhaps a Fourth Piano Too!

I was extremely pleased to hear from Bill Kibby whose Web Site on Piano History can be found by following this LINK who actually tuned a Ferdinando Piano and dropped me a line with the following information:


"A Ferdinando upright owned by Father O'Malley, which I used to tune in Hackney, London, was remarkable only for the fact that when the room was altered, the piano became trapped, and was unlikely to ever come out in one piece. To be sure! It was a typical commercial vertical-strung overdamper upright.

1880 Not listed as a piano maker in the Post Office London Directory.

1886 Not listed in Kelly's Directory of the Cabinet & Furnishing Trades.

1892 Not listed as a piano maker in my Post Office London Directory, but

Arthur Ferdinando is listed in the Street Directory as being at 214, Grove Road, Mile End, E. 

The only Ferdinando in the Commercial Directory is Joseph Henry, oilman, 148 Green Street, Bethnal Green E.

1894 Not listed in Kelly's Directory of the Cabinet & Furnishing Trades.

1899 Not listed in Kelly's Directory of the Cabinet & Furnishing Trades.

1911 Kelly's Directory of the Cabinet & Furnishing Trades; Pianoforte Makers & Warehouses include Arthur Ferdinando, 214 Grove Road London E.

1914 Music Trades Directory lists Arthur Ferdinando, 214 Grove Road London E. Pianos.

1928 Musique Adresses Universel lists Arthur Ferdinando, 214 Grove Road, Victoria Park London E.3. Pianos."

Please visit Bill's web site and our grateful thanks for adding a link on his web site asking for more information about Arthur or indeed George Ebernezer.  

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In 1881

From the Census in 1881 (4th April) we find that Arthur Ferdinando had not started as a Piano Manufacturer but was a Cab Proprietor.  Charles Ferdinand (d April 1908 aged 86) was a Teacher of Music and his son Albert taught Music as well.  

There is an Anne Fernandes residing at 25, Devonshire Road, Greenwich, Kent born in Wavertree, Liverpool and aged 23 who was a Teacher of Music.  

We also find George Ferdinand (born 1818) a widower living at 221, Crystal Palace Road, aged 63 with the occupation of Piano Tuner, doubtless our George Ebernezer noted above.  George was living with Hannah Rane a widow aged 62, born in Sussex.  On the tree we have a Hannah Holden that George married in 1881.

In 1901

In the 1901 Census are a whole batch of Piano related occupations including:

Albert Ferdinand (aged 24) born in London Old Ford and residing in Hackney who was a Pianoforte Part Maker.

Albert Ferdinand (aged 31) born in London Shoreditch and residing in Hackney a Pianoforte Maker

Charles Ferdinand (aged 80) born in Shoreditch and residing in Hackney a Pianoforte Liner (I wonder if that should be tuner?)

Arthur Ferdinands (aged 40) born in Bethnal Green and residing in Bethnal Green a Pianoforte Dealer.  No doubt this is Arthur Ferdinando.

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Further Work

There are a couple of potential books for following up Piano Manufactures:

The Musicians Piano Atlas Edited by S. K. Taylor Published in 1981

Pianos and their makers by Alfred Dolge Published in 1911 - I now have a copy of this book but, unfortunately no mention of our relatives in it - shame.

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