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arthur xmas from mother.jpg (39012 bytes) arthurs bible inscription.jpg (52917 bytes) birthday card  2.jpg (36255 bytes) birthday card  3.jpg (48097 bytes)

A Christmas Card to Arthur from Charlotte Maria

Arthur's Bible and Fly Leaf Inscription

A Birthday Card

A Birthday Card

birthday card 1.jpg (34102 bytes) Bookmark arthurs bible.jpg (40200 bytes) gretas new testament bible.jpg (21662 bytes) postcard 1.jpg (28685 bytes)

A Birthday Card

Arthur's Bible Bookmark

Greta's Bible Fly Leaf Inscription


postcard 2.jpg (26996 bytes) queenie 1921 bible rear with arthur notes.jpg (30073 bytes) queenie 1921 bible.jpg (22743 bytes) watercolour 1920 by arthur.jpg (19214 bytes)


Queenie's Bible with Arthur's Inscription on Rear fly leaf

Queenie's Bible with front fly leaf inscription

One of Arthur's early paintings

xmas card 1.jpg (29825 bytes)

A Christmas Card


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