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This area holds a series of articles I have been writing for Cockney Ancestor the publication of the East of London Family History Society (EoLFHS).  The intention is to help researchers who are new to the Internet and publish useful tools and techniques for their use.  Nothing earth shattering in here but a few notes on the finding of the Benjamin James Ferdinando information and success stories ( I hope you know who you are - only the facts have been changed to protect the innocent).  Please note that the internet is always changing and some links will now not be available.  Where I have checked these, I have removed them.  If you see any links that do not work, please let me know.

Article 1  Internet Basics

Article 2 Finding and Researching your Family History on the WEB

Article 3 Did you "Net" your ancestors?

Article 4 Caught in the WEB

Article 5 Downloads for Family History

Article 6 Buying Family History Resources on the Internet

These articles may not be reproduced without my express permission.  You may freely link to this area of the web site for non profit reasons.

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