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This section will contain Tombstone or other inscriptions for family members.  At present I have placed Antonio Ferdinando Carvajal's information here but this area will be indexed once more information become available.

Antonio Ferdinando Carvajal's Grave Stone Inscription

Antonio Ferdinando Carvajal's Grave Stone Inscription

Antonio's Grave Stone (replaced about 80 Years ago).  Picture courtesy John and Sue Ferdinando. 

Antonio Ferdinando Carvajal

This inscription was found miraculously preserved in the Rathsbibliothek at Leipzig by the late Professor David Kaufmann.  The original Gravestone, except for a small fragment has disappeared.  A new gravestone must however have been commissioned as on a recent trip, one of our researchers photographed the stone (see above).  The name on the stone is Antonio Ferdinando Carvajal.  

"The stone is witness, as also the heap

To the honoured man who is buried here.

The good qualities which he made his own

Will speak for him before the Most High.

An open house he kept by the way,

For he was generous to the needy and the poor.

His doings and his dealings with men were truth,

Truth was familiar in his mouth, his words ever pure.

Abraham Hhizqiah Carvajal,

His memory is honoured, blessed with children.

On Heshvan 26th. he was mown down

In a ripe old age, for his years were full.

In the year 420 his eye was dim,

But the eye of his soul rejoiced to see realms of bliss"



NOTE:  Antonio was buried as Abraham Hhizqiah Carvajal.  For the reason behind this please Click Here.  This explanation will open in a new window.

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