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The Burial Register of the Spanish & Portuguese Jews, London 1657-1735 transcribed by R. D. Barnett


The register gives us dates for the burials in the "Bethahaim Velho" or Old Cemetery but does contain a few transcription errors.  This is only to be expected as the difficulty of reading the old writing and original clerks work can be at fault.  However, in our case, the graves have been examined by Dr. Peter and John and Sue Ferdinando and we can make one correction to these as noted below.

Secondly, the dates all appear as the Jewish Calendar and so need to be re-calculated to achieve Gregorian equivalents.  This can be achieved by following this link to the Jewishgen site.  I also asked for a check and a researcher, using Kaluach 2 for windows has provided me with alternative dates.  These look very close to those we had calculated some time ago.

Burial Information and Jewish and Gregorian Calendar Dates

Name on Register Date and Month Jewishgen Conversion Using Kaluach 2 for Windows
Abm Fernandes Carvajal 26 Hesvan 5420

(26 Hheshvan 5420)

Wednesday 12 November 1659 Wednesday 2 November 1659
Ester Fernandes Carvajal 11 Cisleu 5462 

(11 Kislev 5462)

Monday 12 December 1701 Monday 1 December 1701
Is. Fernandes Carvajal  20 Kisleu 5444 

(20 Kislev 5444)

Wednesday 8 December 1683 Wednesday 28 November 1683
Dr. Peter, who has seen the grave stone informs me that the date is 5440 not 5444 and so we can calculate that date as
Is. Fernandes Carvajal  20 Kisleu 5440 

(20 Kislev 5440)

Friday 24 November 1679 Friday 14th November 1679
Ja Fernandes Carvajal 28 Kisleu 5466 

(28 Kislev 5466)

Tuesday 15 December 1705 Tuesday 4 December 1705

The Jewish Calendar

An introduction to the Jewish Calendar by Jewishgen shows how the calendar works.  Follow the link to the Jewishgen web site.


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